New BEST SELLING Ratchet BOOK . . . Is Called 'This B*TCH Got Roaches In Her Crib'

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MTO News learned that a new "hood novel" has been written and is available on pre-order. The book has already received THOUSANDS of orders - and is expected to be a certified BEST SELLER on the first day of release.

Hree's how it is being describes . . . and YES it is real:

Coming soon from national bestselling author, the KING OF RATCHET BOOKS, Quan Millz comes a story of survival, abuse and betrayal. THIS B*TCH GOT ROACHES IN HER CRIB is a story about a man's quest to fight for custody of his daughter who is trapped living in section 8 squalor with her no good mama. Will he win his case? Cover by the ONE AND ONLY

You know what - as ridiculous as the title is . . . we may just read this book.

The author also has other novels with equally ratchet subjects, there's the "Gutter Hoe Dreams" series, the "Crack Hoe Dreams" series, and perhaps the most ratchet, "Pregnant By My Gay Stepdaddy." 

The author's bio on Amazon reads:

Quan Millz is the profound and prolific writer from the sizzling streets of Miami, Florida. Now residing between Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California, he’s known for his gritty, graphic and gut-punching urban tales that depict the real and rawness of black urban life. His deeply detailed and visual storytelling talent gives readers a view of the rollercoaster of emotions that many endure when trying to climb their way out of dark struggles in the inner city. He’s the author of the Gutter Hoe Dreams and Crack Hoe Dreams series.