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The first full cast Atlanta Housewives meet-up took place this weekend—and it led to violence, MTO News has confirmed. New housewife Yovanna reportedly "put hands" on Porsha Williams, and is now "suspended," according to a show producer.

The entire cast flew out to Toronto, Canada - where the ladies filmed multiple scenes together. But when they all sat down for a filmed dinner yesterday - things turned violent. 

The drama started, when the ladies started arguing - over whether Cynthia was talking about Nene behind her back. Yovanna, the newest Atlanta housewife claimed to have an audio recording of Cynthia back stabbing her former friend.

Nene Leakes was on one side of the argument - with her friends Marlo and Yovanna and Cynthia was on the other side of the argument, with her friends Kenya and Porsha.

All the ladies were arguing, but the energy in the room changed, when Kenya told Nene to ‘shut the f*ck up,’ MTO news has confirmed. Nene then got up to physically confront Kenya and both ladies started yelling in each other's faces.

While Nene kept her hands to herself, her friend Yovanna - who had a few drinks - DIDN'T.

Yovanna and Porsha were also arguing, and during the argument - MTO News is told by a producer - that Yovanna "put hands" on Porsha. It's not clear what type of hands she gave to Porsha, but Bravo is taking the alleged assault seriously.

Yovanna was sent home from the Toronto trip early, and will likely face a "suspension" similar to the one Nene faced when she attacked a cameraman during filming, a Bravo producer explained to MTO News.

So far this new season of Atlanta Housewives is LIT. The producer explained, "Yovanna, Marlo, and Kenya are really bringing it this season. More drama, and a lot more confrontations.'