Atlanta Housewife Fighting With New Edition's Ronnie . . . DIVORCE???

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The Atlanta Housewives brought on New Edition star Ronnie Devoe's wife Shamari. Well MTO News has learned that the stress of filming, and the "drama" in their life, is having a troubling effect off their marriage.

MTO News spoke with a close friend of the couple, who believes that joining the Bravo show was the worst thing that Ronnie and Shamari ever did. The insider explained, "They were so perfect, like the kind of couple that you held up as a standard." 

But since filming, the two are constantly fighting, told the insider. She explained, "I have never seen a marriage break down so quickly. It really is sad to see."

And the blame falls on both. The friend told MTO News, "They both are playing up [marital] drama for the cameras. The drama may have been all fake, but after weeks of filming - a fake argument with your wife can become a real argument with your wife."

As MTO news has reported earlier, Ronnie and Shamari will be getting considerable camera time. And Ronnie has been, according to Bravo producers, "bringing drama."

Born in Detroit in 1980 as Shamari Fears, she began singing at age three. She moved to Atlanta in the mid-1980s and began performing publicly in middle school.

Shamari married Ronnie in 2006. She had twin boys with him in 2017. She and Ronnie hosted a marriage retreat in September and recently talked to my colleague Grace Bond Staples about how they found a way to strengthen their marriage through counseling. They were promoting a “Married 4 Life Walk.” 

But it seems like now that may be all falling apart...