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NETFLIX Star Luke Cage . . . Is Married To A WHITE LADY . . . And She's Pregnant!!


Actor Mike Colter stars as Luke Cage in the Netflix show with the same name. Well last night was the NYC premiere of the new season of the hit series.

And Mike had a little surprise for his fans. His wife Iva is expecting again. The couple already has a three year old daughter together - and this will make child number two for them.

Mike and wife Iva have been together for almost 20 years. According to reports, she helped SUPPORT HIM while he was coming up as a young actor and now that he's made it to the BIG SCREEN - he's riding with her.

They make a cute couple. Congrats to them on their new addition.


In April, Colter opened up to People’s Celeb Parents Get Real about his little girl, revealing that she’s quickly learning how to communicate with him to get what she wants.

“I thought I’d be more strict, but I think it’s a combination of strict and fun because if I tell her to do something, she takes her time. She looks at me and sizes it up, deciding whether she’s going to do it or not,” said the actor, 41.

“She says no, but I can tell she’s trying to calculate how much she can get away with,” he explained. “I’m pretty firm because if she doesn’t listen, I say, ‘You have to be a good listener,’ and if she doesn’t listen then I get pretty serious with her and give her a talking to. I let her understand that there are ramifications for not listening to Daddy.”