Nene Leakes was "suspended" from the Real Housewives Of Atlanta for fighting and aggressive behavior, MTO News learned.

Bravo just released the new mid-season trailer for the top rated Atlanta Housewives show, and it was explosive.

The second half of the season has a bunch of interesting storylines. For example, Kandi’s Dungeon party brings out the “freak” in Cynthia Bailey and Shamari seems a bit touchy feely with Eva Marcille.

But the most explosive part of the show surrounds housewife Nene Leaks. Nene is still nursing her husband Gregg as he recovers from cancer - and she's talking about divorce.

The preview also shows a scene where Nene is seen taking her frustrations out on her closest friends Marlo & Cynthia. And eventually, Nene turns violent.

The preview ends showing a physical altercation between Nene and a cameraman where Nene appears to attack the cameraman, grabbing his shirt and ripping it. 

As MTO News reported in the past, Bravo has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards violence. Written into all of the Atlanta Housewives' contracts is a clause that allows them to be FIRED ON THE SPOT for violent or aggressive behavior.

We reached out to a Bravo executive and asked whether Nene was disciplined for her violent outburst, or whether she would be fired for her violent outburst.

The exec, who asked to remain anonymous, told us that Nene was "disciplined" for her behavior. He explained, "Nene was suspended for an episode, that's without pay."

Nene currently makes $200,000 per episode (for each episode where she is shown) so that attack cost her a pretty penny.

But don't worry, Nene's suspension is over already and will still appear on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The insider explained, "It was handled and it's over. We've moved on."

Here's the trailer:

Part 1:

Part 2: