Kenya Moore and her husband Marc Daly are currently separated, but she hopes they will eventually reconcile and become a family again.

Well, that's not going to happen - if Kenya's Real Housewives Of Atlanta co-star Nene Leakes has anything to do with it.

MTO News spoke with folks close to Nene who tell us that Nene has already set up Marc on a number of "blind dates" with other women. And we can confirm that Marc has gone one "at least one" of them this past weekend.

One of Nene's friends explained, "Nene and Marc have become friends.. . . [Nene] figured that now that Marc his single, she'd set him up with women that she thinks would be a good match for him."

The friend added, "It's tough to find a handsome, single, and successful Black man. Nene set him up with one of her girlfriends from New York. They went out on a date on Saturday."

Woooow - is Nene being out of bounds?

We can't wait to see what happens when Nene and Kenya meet up again at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show - which films in 2020.

Back in October, it was reported that:

“Kenya confronted NeNe after hearing that she’d been talking to Marc behind her back,” an insider revealed to Love B Scott. “Things escalated quickly, with NeNe telling Kenya that Marc said he ‘doesn’t even like’ her. NeNe continued to throw out different things she and Gregg were allegedly told by Marc as their fight got more intense.”

Then, according to the source, “NeNe began to make a ‘hocking’ sound as if she was preparing to spit in Kenya’s direction.”

Although the insider couldn’t confirm whether Nene actually did spit, there was at least one cast member who allegedly heard Nene say that she was planning to spit on Kenya.

As RHOA fans may have heard, this was the second time Kenya and Nene nearly got physical with one another. As previously reported, the ladies’ first encounter took place during a cast trip to Toronto several weeks ago.