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Nene Leakes is going through a lot right now, and yesterday, she hopped on Twitter to state that a close friend is plotting on her behind her back.


"Have u ever had a close friend that was setting you up for the kill? The gag is, you know it tho! They however wants EVERYBODY to think they are nice, pretty and supportive! but really they r insecure, not that pretty, not talented and certainly not nice! Their day is coming," she wrote on Twitter.

Nene is going through a lot right now. She is supporting her husband, Gregg Leakes which is being documented on the current series of Real Housewives of Atlanta and seems to be at odds with both Porsha Williams and former co-star Kenya Moore.

Fans were concerned about the tweets. While others tried to work out exactly who she was speaking about. Some of the comments were more sympathetic than others:

"I am team NeNe, but you are sometimes so unhappy for someone who is living a life some of us can only dream about. Count your blessings and walk away from those jokas who drain your energy. Use your platform for those of us who want to learn how to be successful vs petty."

"Im not a big fan of Porsha's but I dont think its her. Porsha just lookin for love and companionship tho she is picking the wrong men. I'm going with Marlowe. She comes across as thirsty for air time and will cut a b$%*! for fulltime housewife status at anyone's expense."

"Yeap?! kandi always throwing shade on you talking about “Gregg met NeNe at a Script club “ she telling this long played out story? He saw her scripting ?? She discredits you NeNe a lot."

"I can't understand how you consider someone like that a "close friend"? Friends do not behave in that manner, perhaps it's time to reevaluate what and who you call "friends"."

"I was with you until you said notpretty, not talented and not nice. That speaks Insecurity as well. We all have some shit with us. Ots only messy when we cant take what we dish"

Who do you think Nene was talking about?