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Symone Davis, the baby mama of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes's son, has slammed Nene for allegedly buying her son a home.

AllAboutTheTea is reporting that Nene purchased a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house for her eldest son Bryson Bryant for his 30th birthday.

According to Symone, the gift is all about image for Nene.

"Why would a woman buy a grown-ass man a house?" she said in the video, adding that Nene will most likely cover his bills too. "F*ck NeNe. F*ck her money," she said.

Just over two months ago, Symone aired Bryson out on social media, calling him a deadbeat!

Symone Davis aired her grievances on social media, where she labeled him as a bum:

"Let me tell y'all somethin about this bucket head b*tch that's laid out on my (old) couch. He wana make amends with me & be cool (as y'all seen throughout this year) but still continued to do dumb sh*t. Idc about what he does as long as he takes care of our son! Anywho. He goes on to tell me he wants to do TV with me bc he knows my personality & attitude will make good tv plus he wants to look like a bum getting out of a Lamborghini," she wrote in the post which included a picture of Bryson laying on her couch with one leg up, in nothing but blue boxers.

Is Nene wrong for buying her grown son a house?