Nene Leakes Responds To RHOA's Kenya Moore's Affair Remarks


Kenya Moore recently spoke to Us Weekly about the rumored romance between Nene Leakes and her alleged side piece, Rodney White -- and she is not happy with Kenya giving her two cents on the matter.

"It's quite disturbing that especially during this time of so much pain that once again we have to deal with a disgruntled housewife trying to capitalize on NeNe's name and personal life for the sake of publicity," A statement from Nene to Us Weekly reads.

"Kenya stated herself that she and Nene have not been on speaking terms for almost two years now, so it makes no sense for her to speak with such familiarity about Nene's personal life. And to drag her decades-long marriage, family and relationship through the mud on a consistent basis to insinuate anything about my client's character is sad, confusing, and a despicable PR tactic that we have no interest in contributing to. We encourage Kenya to focus on her own marriage and we wish her well."

She is yet to outright deny the allegations, although some weeks back, Nene stated that she and husband Gregg Leakes had an arrangement, but she did not specify what that arrangement was.