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Nene Leakes is currently on antidepressant pills, because of all the stress she went through, caring for her husband Gregg during his cancer battle.

Gregg Leakes is currently in remission - but his battle with cancer isn't quite over yet. And neither is Nene's battle with depression.

In a recent interview, Nene explained how being Gregg's caretaker has caused her to become depressed.

Nene explained, “Being a caretaker and doing something like caring for someone with cancer for the first time in my life, then to have to be the breadwinner for everything, it’s a lot. The overseer of everything in our life, it was a lot of pressure and it really did feel like depression.”

The Atlanta Housewife went to a doctor, and got on medication immediately.

She told the interviewer, “I don’t really know what depression is, but I was speaking to my OBGYN and I was telling her a lot about how I felt and she said,'“I think that you’re going through a depression,' and I didn’t really know what a depression felt like except for what anyone said.”

Nene continued, "She gave me some medication and it really worked and it helped me out a lot.

NeNe Leakes also seems to be working hard on bettering her relationships with her fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta stars after feuding for so long, especially last season. Seeing how she seems to have only good intentions, the other ladies are hopeful that NeNe really is sincere in her attempt to make peace with everyone else.

Fans remember that NeNe had beef with most of the other Housewives in season 11 and even ended up unfollowing them on social media as a result!

But some time has passed and she’s been able to let it heal the wounds so she could forgive and forget.

One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘The ladies from RHOA are happy that NeNe is doing so well and they feel she really has been going out of her way to fix their relationships and get to a good place. They found her reach-outs very sincere. Kandi and Cynthia specifically felt something deeper was going on there and had really missed her friendship.’