Nene Leakes is coming to the defense of Evelyn Lozada, as she openly feuds with her Basketball Wives co-star Ogom "OG" Chijindu. "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star offered her opinion on Evelyn's feud with OG, which many suggest is rooted in colorism.

Evelyn, the Latina is the ex-wife of Chad Johnson, has been accused of colorism and racism by viewers of her VH1 show.

Now Nene is smack-dab in the middle of this controversy.

It all popped off on The Hollywood Unlocked podcast, when host Jason Lee shared his thoughts on the Basketball Wives drama between the two ladies, and not surprisingly he took the side of his friend Evelyn. He said:

"This is about the fact that I'm watching woman tear down another woman of color who has black children, claiming that she's a racist and a colorist." Jason added that he found it "weird" considering that Latinx people also had a "black experience" in the United States.

Almost immediately, Jason's comments were flooded with people who both agreed, and disagreed with him. Nene Leakes was one of his supporters. She said:

"Speakkkkkkkk." Her comment while simple was clearly in defense of Evelyn and in support of the idea that Evelyn could not possibly be prejudiced against darker skin women because "she's a woman of color." 

Well, Nene's comment didn't sit well with some of her fans with one saying, "You gotta be the dumbest dark skin person on here, I know good and well you have experience colorism before and you agreeing with this idiot just to fit in, gurl bye," one person wrote.

There's always one...