During a recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we saw Nene Leakes go off on guest, Tanya Sam, for basically being a label horse.

Nene told Tanya that she had tolerance for ignorance and that dripping in labels does not mean you have good fashion sense.

Speaking to Bravo, Nene broke down exactly what she meant:

"I told Tanya I didn’t have tolerance for ignorance, which probably was the wrong word! A better word would have been “shallowness,” because she had spoken of labels for the past few days and who she thought was the most fashionable person in the group," she wrote.

"The point I was trying to make was that we are all successful black women and can all afford to wear labels if we choose too! Just because one person decides to spend their money on labels, doesn’t make them or us any less than."

But she revealed that she did love the B*tch Stole My Talent game:

"I loved, loved, loved B*tch Stole My Talent! None of these girls saw it coming! Pairing each girl up with another with the same talent and competing was pure genius. All the girls were into it, which made this game even better. Those that won (including myself) really just won the game that day. That’s not to say the other ladies were horrible and not good at what they do. We are all very talented in our respective talent. So no losers, all winners over here!"

We can't lie, we loved it too!