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NeNe Leakes Calls Out Shaunie O'Neal Over 'Basketball Wives'

In a recent interview, NeNe Leakes called out Basketball Wives executive producer Shaunie O'Neal for firing people she doesn't get along with on the show.


"I always thought that you could never attack Shaunie. And I would think every time you did, you got put off the show. They weren't there the next season. And I would always be like, that's not cool. If you're on the show, and if you're doing something that's wrong, everybody should be able to read you, or question you, or whatever it is," NeNe told The Jasmine Brand.

She continued, "It doesn't make for a good show when you can only keep attacking the same people. And the other people never get to get attacked. Or if they do get attacked, then their other alliance or their friends act like what they did wasn't wrong. But what you did was like huge! But what they did was, 'It's okay. She alright. I told her to her face. She fine.'"

Is she right?