Nene Leakes and husband Gregg Leakes are reportedly headed to marriage counseling in the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

"She and Gregg are in therapy together, and it is all going to be filmed for Bravo," a source told Radar Online. "They've been having a lot of problems, so they're trying to work it out and will go through their issues as the cameras roll!"

"Counseling has been really good for them. They're working hard on their marriage [...] Nene's storyline this season is running her business, getting back to acting and really evolving as a person."

Last season, we saw the couple on the brink as Gregg battled cancer and Nene struggled to be his full-time care giver. Nene admitted that she was close to leaving him. She confided in former close pal Cynthia Bailey that she and Gregg were already sleeping in separate rooms.

“He said he would go ahead and find him a place. Last night, I felt like I broke because he is so mean. I get that it’s a sickness, but I can’t be talked to like that. It’s weird because you’re trying to help the sick person, but they don’t want your help. And everybody around thinks I’m bad," Nene told her.