Nene Leakes is pushing to have Tanya Sam fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, MTO News has learned. And it's all because of the "disrespect" that Tanya showed towards Nene and her marriage during the reunion show - which was taped on Thursday.

As MTO News reported, Tanya and Nene got into it during the reunion - and Tanya "read" Nene for filth hard and viciously. Tanya reportedly also made comments that Nene finds "disrespectful" to her marriage and husband Gregg Leakes (who is battling late stage cancer).

And Nene's not used to losing, either so she's doing what she can to try and get Tanya REPLACED next season.

One of Nene's friends told MTO News, "Nene is the one that brought Tanya to the show. How did Tanya turn on [Nene] like that?"

The insider added, "Trust that Nene is going to get that b*tch fired."

And if history is any guide, Tanya better watch herself. 

Nene is believed to have played a large part in three Housewives getting fired - Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore, and Kim Zolciak-Biermann

What's interesting is that people who were at the reunion taping were saying that Tanya really stood out and stood up for herself. The starts were Tanya, Shamari, and Eva. They really worked the room and looked amazing while doing it. It was rumored that she could even get a peach next season. Because Nene was a victim of Tanya's smarts it makes sense that she would now try to sabotage her former "friend."