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NeNe From Atlanta Housewives Gets 'NEW FACE' .  . . And You Can BARELY Recognize Her!!


NeNe Leakes form the Atlanta Housewives got her face "surgically refreshed", according to folks in the know. The 50 year old Housewife decided to go under the knife - before the new season of Bravo's Atlanta Housewives airs.

And her new face looks - DIFFERENT. Most observers think that the doctors did a GOOD job rejuvenating her face. But they may have done TOO good of a job. Now NeNe's face looks so different, that she almost looks like a completely different person.

Here's her new face:


Back in 2016, Nene ADMITTED that she did recently get a rhinoplasty following her first nose job in 2010. "Yes, I had my nose done again," she told one caller on WWHL.

However, NeNe said there "was a real medical reason" for having the procedure done. "My cartilage was growing in my nose, and my tip was touching the top of my lip," she explained to Andy Cohen. "But I didn't get a full rhinoplasty the first time. No, when I did the first time, I only had my nostrils taken in on the side the very first time, and then this time, I had more cartilage moved around in my nose."

But NeNe never intended to hide the fact that she's had work done. "I always keep it very, very real. So you can always ask me anything," she said. "I would never just do my nose just for the purpose of doing my nose."

She went on to clarify that there was also an important reason why she had her nose done initially. "No, it wasn't just for doing my nose," NeNe corrected Andy. "It was because I didn't love my nose, and I wanted to do my nose to make it more beautiful for myself."