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Nene Leakes is fighting mad, claiming that the Real Housewives of Atlanta is editing scenes to make her look like an uncaring wife.

Nene's husband Gregg is currently fighting late stage colon cancer.

During a scene on the hit Bravo show, Nene appears to drop Gregg off at the hospital for surgery, then leaves him there alone. Here's the scene:

Well now Nene is claiming that the scene was edited to make her look bad. The reality star  says that she did NOT leave Gregg alone at the hospital. She now claims that she went to get his bags, then went inside with him for his surgery.

Here's Nene explaining what she says REALLY happened:

Nene has admitted to be going through "marriage trouble" during Gregg's cancer battle. In one episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta she mentioned how she's considering divorcing Gregg again.

Nene divorced Gregg 5 years ago, only to get re-married two years later.

Recently, NeNe went on her Instagram Live and talked about the scene from the most recent RHOA episode where she brought her husband to the hospital. He was there to have major surgery related to his cancer treatment for stage three colon cancer.

Some fans left negative comments about the scene, where they assumed she simply dropped him off at the hospital and took off.