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Atlanta Housewife Nene allegedly "assaulted" fellow castmate Porsha, while she was pregnant.

MTO News spoke with one of Porsha's friends, who claims that the pregnant housewife was physically "assaulted" by Nene during her explosive outburst over women entering her closet.

Two weeks ago, on the Bravo top rated show, Nene Leakes flipped out about Kandi and Porsha going into her closet. All hell broke loose and Nene was seen attacking one of the shows cameramen.

The producers decided not to show extended footage of the attack. Instead, they cut to a scene that was shot a few days later, when Kandi, Porsha, and Marlo get together to discuss the attack. During the discussion, Kandi mentions Porsha’s belt coming off during the fiasco.

Porsha doesn’t feed into it and calls Kandi messy. Kandi says “I’m not saying anything.” 

Later in the episode, producers ask Porsha about the belt during her confessional interview. She says nothing. Porsha says if she says what happened, her and Nene’s friendship will never recover.

So what happened to Porsha's belt. Well Porsha's friend explained, "Nene ripped it off of her. I can't say whether it was an accident or not. But it sounds like Nene assaulted a pregnant woman."

Here's Entertainment Tonight discussing the "belt-gate":