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Nelly and his fiancée Shantel Jackson were spotted out having dinner in Los Angeles the other night, and Shantel was wearing a very revealing outfit.

Actually, it may have been a little too revealing, because just as she was walking past the paparazzi, she showed a lot more skin than she intended. Luckily for us, the paparazzi were there to snap a few pics.

Shantel and Nelly are getting over a rough patch in their relationship. Nelly was accused of s*xual assault last year. Eventually prosecutors and the women dropped their cases, and Nelly was able to move on with his life.

But at the time, it was tough for Nelly and Shantel. At the time, Shatel explained, “Look…I know he f**ked up and we’re dealing with that in our relationship to rebuild it and find trust,” she began. “Having to go through all of this publicly is the worst feeling ever.”

Here are the pics:


Back in April Nelly was in hot water with the law. A judge ruled that Nelly’s longtime partner Shantel Jackson will have to testify on video as part of the case after Nelly’s accuser Monique Greene pointed out that Jackson publicly stated that she was with him when his accusers said some of the alleged assaults occurred.

The move means that Greene’s lawyers will get to grill the model and actress on camera over exactly what she knows – or doesn’t – about her boyfriend’s alleged predatory behavior. However, the news doesn’t seem to have rattled Jackson, who, according to her social media, did not seem to be taking it seriously.