For the last month or so, talk show host Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie had not been wearing her wedding ring. This caused many to speculate as to the state of their marriage because up until now, Marjorie had always worn her ring publicly.

And now Steve has apparently stopped wearing his wedding ring too, MTO News has learned.

Yesterday, a picture of Steve and his grandson was posted online, and in the picture Steve is clearly NOT wearing his wedding ring. It's not yet apparent why the talk show host - who almost always wears his ring as well - has removed it.

But it has the internet rumor mill buzzing.

This is not the first time, though, that Steve and Marjorie have been plagued with "divorce" rumors. In the past, most of those rumors originated from the website Radar Online but Steve and Marjorie would swiftly deny them.

This time the divorce rumors are coming from social media with fans and other members of the public contemplating the possibility of the couple's divorce - all on their own. Many fans believe that Marjorie and Steve no longer wearing wedding rings is a "sign" that their marriage is in trouble.

Here's a pic of Marjorie, without her wedding ring from a few days ago: