In the wake of the "Surviving R. Kelly" docu-series, a Michael Jackson documentary surrounding sexual abuse allegations is about to premiere at Sundance and the public is drawing comparisons.

Ne-Yo is one of the few artists who have come forward to speak out about R. Kelly.

When TMZ approached Ne-Yo comparing the controversy surrounding both artists, he was quick to set them straight.

"There were no videotapes of Michael Jackson peeing on little girls or little boys. There as no undeniable proof that Michael Jackson did any of that stuff, actually a lot of the people that came forward and said that he the did that stuff, came forward after he died and said it didn't really happen. That they were just trying to get some money."

Ne-Yo also stated that we've had proof for years of R. Kelly's crimes as well as stating that Kelly has not come forward to deny the allegations.