A North Carolina woman has been arrested after she allegedly cut off her husband's penis.

According to WCNT, CCSO deputies responded to a home at 4 am in Newport, where James Frabutt, age 61, reported that his wife, Victoria Thomas Frabutt, age 56, had tied him up, pulled out a knife, then proceeded to cut off his penis.

The man's penis was found and placed on ice by the cops before the victim was rushed to the Vidant Medical Center, where he is being treated. It is not known whether surgeons were able to reattach his genitals. It is assumed that he would have undergone some form of surgery, at least to prevent him from bleeding out.

Victoria Frabutt was arrested and charged with Malicious Castration and Kidnapping and is being held in the Carteret County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

"The motive for the castration is still unclear," the sheriff's office wrote in the report.