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Former NBA star Marcus Camby is facing one of the messiest divorces in recent history. His long time wife just hit him with paperwork, and she's spilling all kinds of tea already.

According to court documents, that were first obtained by The Blast, Marcus' wife Eva Camby filed for divorce after nearly 14 years of marriage. The two share two minor kids.

And the divorce papers read like a tela-novela. Eva is accusing Marcus of “repeatedly and continuously committed adultery, including fathering an extra-martial child.”

But there's more. Eva claims n the papers that Marcus “contracted an infectious disease” and “intentionally exposed” her to it. Eva doesn't specify which disease Marcus has, and says she is unsure if she has “contracted the infectious disease.”

Now for the bad news. After all that Eva endured - she might end up not getting compensated. You see, Marcus made Eva sign a prenuptial agreement.

Eva wants the prenuptial agreement they signed to be thrown out, saying it is “unconscionable” and claims she signed the deal “under duress.”

Marcus unsurprisingly wants the judge to enforce their 2005 prenuptial agreement. He is seeking 50/50 custody of their kids and wanted the judge to put a gag order on his ex.