NBAs Draymond Greene Kissed REALITY STAR GIRLFRIEND . . . After Last Night's Win!! (PICS)

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Last night the Golden State Warriors survived a long series, and won Game 7 of the NBA Western Conference Finals. After the win, all the players ran to kiss their wives/girlfriends.

All star Draymond Green ran to kiss his girlfriend Hazel. If she looks familiar it's because her full name is Hazel Renee and she was on Basketball Wives.


Hazel's big scene was when she got beat up on camera by her "friend" San'iyah. Hazel brought San'iyah to the evnet, and her friend turned on her . . . and put hands on the beauty.

She subsequently left the show- ad is on to bigger and better things.


Anyway, MTO news learned that the two are IN LOVE and are even talking marriage.

Here are more pics of the lovely Hazel:

Rumors were swirling last year about the father of two Draymond. He allegedly left his previous baby's mom, for 32 year old Hazel. A Hollywood Life insider has this to say about their relationship:

“So Draymond Green left his family for the chick Hazell (sic) that was on Basketball Wives this past season,” the insider shared. “She new he had a woman and kids and she’s the cause of his home being broken…. His baby mama going through it, because she’s not the messy type. She had a lil girl before she met Draymond, but he takes care of her as if it was his. They do have a son together. The uncle was telling me that she went to see an attorney, but she scared to walk away. She the one who passed all his exams in college for him to graduate.” Wow.