NBA YoungBoy's Mom To Kodak Black: Don't Talk About My Child N*gga!!'

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As NBA YoungBoy's beef with Kodak Black heats up, his mother issues a stern warning to him and anybody speaking about her son -- don't.

"Don't talk about my child n*gga, cause guess what, that's a grown-ass man over there, that's a grown f*cking man over there," Sherhonda Gaulden said via Instagram Live.

She continued, "And I promise you. I don't want my child running behind nobody, going to look for nobody or none of that. Don't do none of that. I don't want my child doing none of that. But, I am telling this to any muthaf*ckin' body that got breath in they muthaf*ckin' body. If you go at him and if you go to him, b*tch, he better let every muthaf*ckin' bullet out he got in his muthaf*ckin' gun and he better reload it and let sh*t out again."

Well, NBA 's mom won't be trying to squash this beef anytime soon.