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NBA YoungBoy To Remain In Jail As Judge Revokes His Bail!!

Rapper NBA YoungBoy will not be free anytime soon as a judge revoked the rapper's bail.

He will now have to sit in jail until his trial begins in July.

The rapper was wanted on an outstanding warrant for drugs and weapons-related charges in 2020. He had been granted a pretrial release that was waiting for approval from Louisiana, but after missing a January drug test due to a dentist appointment, he did not reschedule his appointment, which meant that he violated the terms of his $540,000 bail.


In court, Judge Shelly D. Dick said that YoungBoy is to remain behind bars until his trial and citing his characteristics and his history of probation violations. 

The court has deemed the rapper a "danger to the community."

"The government will present evidence of Gaulden's prior history of ignoring probation conditions. This evidence coupled with his brazen attempt to evade arrest in this matter supports the concern that Gaulden presents a flight risk. Indeed, before knowing the potential jeopardy in which he finds himself, Gaulden sought to evade capture. Now that he knows the seriousness of these offenses, the temptation to flee is greater. Moreover, Gaulden's criminal history includes violent offenses."