NBA Youngboy Thugs Beat Rival Rapper Scotty Cain: 20 Teeth Knocked Out!! (Video)


The beef between NBA Youngboy and rival Baton Rouge rapper Scotty Cain got violent yesterday, MTO News has learned. Last night, Scotty Cain was caught lacking in the studio, and was badly beaten by thugs connected to his nemesis NBA Youngboy, MTO News has confirmed.


And the beating was so bad, according to one online report, that Scotty had as many of 20 teeth knocked out.

An adult male has 32 teeth, so losing 20 means more than half of his teeth were removed from his skull.


And things get worse for Scotty. The beating was captured on video and streamed on Instagram. The thugs posted the graphic video online and have since gone viral. Here it is:

So what's the beef about? Scotty allegedly had been sneak dissing NBA in music, and NBA promised that he would "pull up" on Scotty soon.

Last night - it happened. Goons associated with NBA pulled up on Scotty while he was recording music - and caught him lacking. They beat Scotty on Instagram Live and streamed the violent encounter.