NBA YoungBoy Surprised Fan Didn't Clown Him About Having Herpes


NBA YoungBoy recently hopped on Instagram Live, and during a chat with a fan, he confessed that he was surprised that the fan did not try to clown him about having herpes.

"You know, when you jumped on my Live, I thought you were going to hurt my feelings and say something about herpes," the rapper said.

YoungBoy has been very open about his sexually transmitted disease, rapping about in on single, "Can't Be Saved."

"Herpes in my blood and that sh*t got me cryin'/ I really got feelings, you see without science," he rapped on the song.

His then-girlfriend, Jania, also stepped forward to confess that she too, had herpes.

"That shows how much it shows, he don't care what ya'll think," she said. "That's something ya'll can't hold over his head, because he told ya'll. So if somebody else comes and talks about it, what can ya'll say? He said it out his own mouth -- The same thing that's in his blood, is the same thing that's in my blood -- So it doesn't matter. Do we look the same? Yes."