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NBA Youngboy has addressed the killing of an innocent bystander after shots were fired at him, killing one and injuring his girlfriend.

Mohamad Jradi, 43, was shot and killed near the Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles, Florida, after a Cadillac Escalade drove past and opened fire.

NBA's defense lawyer, James Manasseh, said the rapper was an “absolute victim," adding that the rapper will try to help the family of Jradi. “He told me, ‘I wish they would have gotten me, not him,’” Manasseh said.

Investigators were unable to charge any of Youngboy's entourage as they all claimed self-defense in firing wildly at the Escalade, according to the Miami Herald. Detectives are working to figure out who was in the Escalade, and the first gunman could still face a felony murder charge for Jradi’s death.

Youngboy was not hit by the gunfire. A five-year-old and a man from Texas were also 'grazed' by bullets during the drive-by.