NBA YoungBoy: My Baby Mama F*cked My Brother!!

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NBA Youngboy took to Twitter to allege that his baby mother slept with his brother -- and he's not happy about it.

"I never really been the type to record myself having sex my baby mama f*cked my brother before too it's ok," he wrote.

But it seems that he may have been the only one who didn't know. After he tweeted the revelation, a fan responded:

 "Everybody should know this bout TriniaSkullhim and Babyjoe ran a train on her after a show and she got pregnant with Taylin. They been talked bout it. Baby K look just like Starr, he don't look sh*t like Ben Face with tears of joyBen kids by different girls and still look alike, nun like BabyK."

Youngboy is not currently in a relationship with his baby mother and seems to be playing the field currently, but if the rumor is true -- the news has to hurt.