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NBA YoungBoy turned up to Houston to rock a show, but left highly upset as the young rapper had a ring stolen which was reportedly worth $10,000.

According to reports, NBA YoungBoy is currently on tour and performed at the Ayva Center in H-Town. YoungBoy, who interacted with his fans during the show, expressed his displeasure at being robbed - potentially by his fans.

"Stop moving. One of these little b*tches right here got my, aye, they got my ring, Montana. Get my ring," he tells his crew.

But nobody was willing to give his ring back - "Stop all that f*cking moving. If you right here stop moving. I ain't playing."

"You trying to provoke me. I'm a million-dollar nigga. That's a $10,000 ring," he tells the crowd. "Like I said, I'm here for y'all. It's good. I ain't even tripping. It ain't gotta be all that."

Watch the clip below.