NBA Youngboy Blasts J. Prince After Stolen Jewelry Post

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Rapper NBA Youngboy had some stern words for legendary exec, J. Prince, who posted to social media that he had retrieved the rapper's stolen jewelry -- he says J. Prince should mine his business!!

"Lil homie Youngboy place got broke into. People went in his place, disrespected different things, and, you know, I got a call about it," Prince posted to his social media. "And the lil homies that went into this place wanna make that right because they understand that, you know what I mean, Youngboy family is okay with me. To make a long story short, I got your keys to your Rolls Royce. I got your keys to your McLaren. You know, all the sh*t that they took." 

Youngboy was upset -- stating that he felt that J. Prince could have hit him up privately.

"It's plenty ways to get in touch with me. Man, don't get on no internet and do naan publicly. Don't do naan dealin' with no f*ckin' publicity. None of that p*ssy ass sh*t. I'm good on them keys, gangsta. When you buy that sh*t cash, two keys come with the car anyways. Mind your f*ckin' business, mane."

Is Youngboy right or should he have thanked J. Prince?