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NBA YoungBoy Asks To Be Bonded To Utah Home

Attorneys for NBA YoungBoy are asking a judge to allow the rapper out on bond to a home he purchased in Utah.

According to The Advocate, the rapper recently purchased a home in Utah to be near the family of a childhood tutor who took him under her wing. They say that when he does stay in Utah, he does not engage in criminal activity.


The head of the record label also testified that they would be prepared to build a recording studio in his Utah home so that he could record from his home. His attorneys also suggested a "checks and balances" system which would mean hiring private security company Bedrock Special Projects to patrol his Utah home keep certain people away from him.

Prosecutors don't think any of the security suggestions would make any difference. YoungBoy was previously denied bond. The judge said he was "inclined toward reckless, illegal, dangerous behavior" and a danger to the community.