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YoungBoy NBA has opened up about his relationship with Floyd Mayweather's daughter on controversial new single "Dirty Iyanna," which is a flip of Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana."

"You never make me lose/So how you bring it on me?/Your haze was cruel, I was fooled/I was too blind to see/My I.D. cover the news/Seems only trouble I keep/You was the one I would choose," YoungBoy Sings in the track.

Viewers were shocked when, in the video, a woman lifts her mask - and Iyanna is revealed.

A few months back, the couple were rumored to be dating, but YoungBoy never publicly claimed her. At one point, she even took a video of herself in front of her mirror, showing off what appeared to be a baby bump - but the video was soon deleted. Youngboy has also been linked to teen rapper Bhad Bhabie - although both have denied that they are anything more than friends.