NBA Star Nick Young Photo'd Holding Hands w/ Man - Allegedly GAY!! (Pics)


A new image of NBA star Nick Young leaked online, which shows the 34 year old basketball player holding hands with a man. And speculation is exploding online that Nick may soon come out of the closet - as a gay man.

If Nick does come out, he will be the highest profile athlete in team sports - to have ever come out as gay.

Here is the image that is causing all the speculation:

The image above leaked online. But some social media reports suggest that Nick may have released it himself.

And at least one of Nick's former Los Angeles Lakers teammates - NBA baller Jordan Clarkson - claims that he always suspected that Nick was gay.

Jordan, who played with Nick for two years, posted that it's "not news" that Nick holds hands with men.



This isn't the first time that gay rumors surrounded NBA star Nick Young. Last month, Nick posted a very odd comment, complimenting the "sexy" lips of male entertainer August Alsina.

At the time people suspected that Nick, who is currently engaged to his baby's mother, may be bisexual.



Here is a picture of Nick's baby's mother: