NBA star Kyrie Irving will be one of the hottest free agents in basketball this summer. But in his personal life, the baller is signed under contract.

MTO News learned that Kyrie is dating a beautiful young model, and that the two are very serious. How serious? Well, we hear that the two may be considering jumping the broom.

Kyrie and his pretty new bae have been seen all over New York together this off season.

Here's a pic of the two at the Anthony Joshua boxing fight at Madison Square Garden last weekend:


And here's a pic of the two back stage at the fight:


Similarly, here's a pic of Kyrie and his new bae at Governor's Ball the weekend before last (also in New York):


Unfortunately we don't have many details on the woman - other than that she's a "professional" woman. One insider told MTO News, "She's not an insta-model or anything. She graduated from college and is a professional."

“’I guess the light I see in you is what you see in me, Lord…’ My Beautiful Find Guru, My Queen.
My Light,” he announced on Instagram.

His girlfriend is a Compton, California native with nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram.

There’s been a lot of speculation about Irving’s free agency decision lately, with the Brooklyn Nets reportedly emerging as the favorite.

“Over the last several hours, I have learned that Kyrie Irving has given every indication to the Brooklyn Nets that that is where he wants to go,” Smith proclaimed on ESPN’s First Take. “Not the New York Knicks.”

Irving has recently been spotted in the New York City area, though he’s a native of Northern Jersey.

NBA free agency begins on July 1.