Word coming out of Houston is that NBA superstar James Harden has a new girlfriend. And his new bae is as smart and successful, as she is beautiful.

Her name is Gail Golden and she's a cyber security consultant who travels between Houston and LA for work.

Well, Gail got Houston gossip mongers going this season, when she began showing up to Houston Rockets games and always sat courtside.

Here are some pics of her:


James Harden has the reputation of being a ladies man - he's dated hundreds of women, many of them Instagram models. 

James also dated Khloe Kardashian back in the day. The couple was getting serious, but James ended up cheating on Khloe - with an Insta-thot.

But James is getting a little long in the tooth. The NBA star turned 30 years old this year. And he's been telling interviewers that he's getting ready to settle down.

Could Gail be the woman that he finally chooses to settle down with?