Washington Wizards guard Isaiah Thomas has been suspended for two games by the NBA for entering the stands during Saturday's game against the Philadelphia 76ers to face off with a 76ers fan.

Thomas was ejected late in the fourth quarter of the game after he waded into the stands and verbally confronting a fan at Wells Fargo Center.

The NBA star says the fan had "both of his middle fingers up and said, 'F*ck you, b*tch,' three times."

"I'm never gonna be disrespected in any way. My dad taught me at a young age don't ever let anybody call you out of your name. It doesn't matter who I am, that's not gonna happen. When I missed the first free throw, and made the second, I'm running back, the fan had both of his middle fingers up and said, 'f*ck you, b*tchh' three times. So then the timeout goes, and I go in the stands and confront him. I said, 'don't be disrespectful.' That calm. I'm a man before anything, and be a fan. His response was, 'I'm sorry, I just wanted a frosty.' Because if you miss two free throws the fans get a frosty," he explained.

"So that's what happened, and I walked back. I told the security who it was so they can get kicked out of the game. No way, shape or form that should be allowed at all. I've been in a league for a while, fans gonna say whatever they want. But don't ever call me out of my name, cause I would never do that to anyone else. That crossed the line. I got kids, I got a family. That's not OK at all. I just went to go tell him that. In no disrespectful way, as calm as I am right now, and those were the three things I said, and that was his response. "