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NBA star Dwight Howard has been in the news for the past week, after a transgender claimed to have had an online relationship with the NBA star.

The transgender claimed that Dwight revealed to him that he is a "power bottom" - meaning that he enjoyed being on the RECEIVING END of an*l s*x. 

Dwight's team have denied the claims made by the t-girl accuser, but the allegations have nonetheless gone viral.

Now, in what many are calling an incredible coincidence, Dwight Howard is undergoing surgery for damage to his butt (or in medical terms, his gluteal muscle). 

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN is reporting that Washington Wizards center Dwight Howard will likely need a surgical procedure to provide relief from a gluteal injury that has frequently sidelined him this season.

Adrian was not specific on what "gluteal injury" the NBA star is suffering from.