NBA Star Demar Derozan Out With Girlfriend . . . And His ADORABLE DAUGHTER!!

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NBA star Demar Derozan was spotted out with his lovely fiancé Kiara and their daughter Diar. Demar and Kiara met before Demar made it to the NBA. She was studying at USC, and he was a local basketball hero.

The ball player has two daughters with his girlfriend Kiara Morrison. Their first child, Diar was born in 2013, and their second child, Mari was born in 2016, shortly after DeRozan won gold with Team USA at the Summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

And Kiara is not just a pretty face. She's an excellent business woman. In fact, we're told that she helps invest her fiancé's wealth. And she's been GREAT with her returns on investment.

The couple aren't married yet but are engaged. His fiance is half Filipino, half American. She was born on January 18, 1988. Her father, Keith Morrison used to be a basketball player who played for Alaska Milkmen (now known as Alaska Aces) in the Philippine Basketball Association.

Kiara is a huge basketball fan, she is seen most times cheering her man in the stands when he is in the court doing what he does best. The couple first met at USC when DeMar played college basketball for the Trojans.


Before DeRozan went pro, he played basketball at high school and college levels. He was so good at both levels that he earned himself numerous accolades, for example in 2006 and 2007, he was named in the consecutive All-Moore league first team. In 2007, he was named in the Los Angeles Times first team. In 2008, DeMar was listed in the All-State team and has received many more honours.

During his early career life, he played for Compton High School basketball team. He led his high school team to back-to-back Moore league championships. In the process, he won the Moore league MVP.