NBA Star DeAndre Ayton's Dog Bites Side Chick - The Dog's Loyal To His Main!! (Graphic)


NBA star DeAndre Ayton is in a bit of trouble. Last night, his dog attacked and bit his new lady friend, Instagram model Katt Leya, MTO News has learned.

DeAndre "flewed" Kat out to his home. But as soon and DeAndre's dog saw the pretty IG model - he pounced on her and bit her.

Here's a picture of the injury:


And here's a picture of Katt, DeAndre's alleged side chick:

So why would Deandre's dog bite the beautiful model? Well, it turns out that DeAndre's dog is VERY close to DeAndre's longtime girlfriend Anissa Evans. Anissa was with DeAndre since before his NBA days. And according to folks that know them both, they believe that DeAndre will eventually settle down and marry the beautiful and smart young lady.

(video of Deandre's GF and the dog above)

Here are some pics of DeAndre and Anissa. Along with pics of her and DeAndre's dog.