NBA LEGEND Scotty Pippen Is A SNITCH . . . And A DUMB One At That . . . Calls Police On TEENAGERS . . . For Allegedly STEALING HIS WEED!!! (Details)


Here is a report that we were sent, by an upset parent:

On Wednesday May 18, a single parent name K.W. was having a graduation party for her son Kolby, who was set to graduate on May 20 that following Friday.

The young man was in the middle of giving his thank you speech when it was interrupted by ScottyPippen's brother Billy Clyde. Apparently someone had stolen ScottyPippen's phone and weed from his golf course which he built in his hometown of Hamburg, Arkansas.

The young man Kolby was having his graduation at his church's building. The building was filled with many people who loved this young man. He was set to leave for the Army in August where he will take classes later on while serving in the military. He is a good kid with a kind heart.

Earlier that day he rode to the golf course with ScottyPippen's nephew. Kolby said that he did not get out of the car, yet Pippen's nephew did. Later on that day, ScottiePippen and his brother Billy Clyde came to the church building where Kolby was having his graduation dinner. They were cussing, being loud and very rude.

Pippen (Scotty) claimed that someone had stolen his phone. Kolby was very upset and in tears as the police arrived. He was humiliated and embarrassed as the police proceeded to talk to him.

He was taken to the police department and questioned along with Pippen's nephew. After Pippen's nephew changed his story several times, the police let Kolby go home.

A couple of guys came forward that night and told the police that [REDACTED] had stolen the phone and placed it under someone's home. The phone was later retrieved. The young men also told the police that weed was also taken.

We later found out that Pippen was upset about his weed more than anything and that was the reason he was acting a fool.

The town was upset and demanded that Pippen apologize to Kolby for humiliating him at his party. Pippen has refused to do so.

Scotty needs to stop being a SNITCH - why is he calling the POLICE on a group of kids.