NBA Baller Jordan Bell Shoots His Shot  . . . At Donovan Mitchell's Girl . . . During GAME!!

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New Golden State Warrior Jordan Bell is making news - for trying to steal rookie-of-the-year Donovan Mitchell's girlfriend . .. in the middle of the game. Jordan was having a GREAT Summer League game - where he blocked MULTIPLE SHOTS from the Los Angeles Clippers team.

After blocking ANOTHER Clippers shot, he looked in the direction of Donovan Mitchell’s VERY attractive girlfriend and mouthed the words “call me” while mimicking a phone with his hand.

Donovan notices this and tells his “friend” to stop looking at Jordan. She couldn't keep her eyes off of him.


In other news, Bell might want to put some meat on his bones because he has been given tips by the organization to improve his eating habits after often going without meals since the Golden State Warriors won the 2018 NBA championship.

On Tuesday, Bell explained his busy schedule caused him to drop weight from his already slender 6'9", 224-pound frame throughout the offseason.

"I look skinny, huh? I haven't eaten right lately," Bell told reporters. "Just being so busy and trying to get everything and going home for camps. I had to go home for the Warriors and I forget to eat. I'll do better at that."

He added: "I forget to eat all the time. It's just like that. Growing up, I didn't have much to eat. So I learned to survive without eating."