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'Natural' R&B Singer SZA Gets Exposed . . . Her Hair Is 'FAKE' . . . So Are Her FRECKLES!!!


R&B singer SZA is known for her great music - and her promotion of a "natural" and "autherntic" lifestyle. But new images suggest that her appearance is anything but natural.

MTO News learned that images have surfaced that appear to show that the 27 year old, SZA wears a LACE FRONT WIG - and that her "natural" hair, is really synthetic.

Here's the images that someone leaked on social media, showing that the singer wears a wig:

But there's more. Her freckles appear to be fake also. Here are some more images, where SZA was sweating.

Sza's freckles are allegedly painted on, and they washed off with perspiration:

Last night SZA won the highest honor for female R&B artists at the Billboard Music Awards. SZA had one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2017, with CTRL. She recently released a video for the song "Garden" which featured appearances by Donald Glover and her mother.

Vogue said this about her new video:

Throughout the clip, SZA dons eye-catching garments like a sparkly navy blue bodysuit and a cherry red sequin gown, but her mother Audrey Rowe’s simple look may be the most stunning: she appears about midway through the video on a rocky cliffside in a creamy, plunging white gown, a matching head wrap, and some oversize hoop earrings. And while SZA and Donald Glover share multiple tender moments together, it’s ultimately Rowe and SZA’s embrace that’s the sweetest—and the most stylish to boot.