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The UK press is going crazy, after a new report claims that Princess Meghan had bunions.

According to the local press, they spotted a scar on the Dutchess' foot that they believe comes from bunion surgery. The Daily Mail is claiming that the Princess had her feet fixed, with a surgery, before marrying Prince Harry.

So why is this a national scandal? Well because that's how they do it over in the United Kingdom. The British press likes to find scandal in everything.

Here is a link to the pics of the princess' bunions:

Back in July it was reported that people were being "cruel" about the Dutchess of Sussex's feet...

Here's what it said:

"She has been the subject of several mean threads, after social media users describes her tootsies as "ugly, spidery, bunion-ridden feet".

The comments were first shared in December 2017 but we recently reposted, when a series of photographs of the Duchess' feet circulated online.

In one, Meghan appears to be sitting in a salon, wearing flip flops, while others see the 36-year-old posing in several painful-looking stiletto heels.

And vile trolls have not held back when making nasty comments.

One user wrote: "NEVER wear sandals again" while another said: "meghan markle.....quite hot but UGLY feet!"