Bad Girls Club star Natalie Nunn has reconciled with her husband Jacob Payne, MTO News has learned.

Natalie and Jacob split last week, after a British tabloid reported that Natalie cheated on Jacob. The paparazzi claimed that Natalie had a threesome with two British reality stars, Dan Osborne and Chloe Ayling.

Shortly after the report hit, Jacob took off his ring and dropped Natalie.

Natalie is in London with her husband Jacob Payne to try and clear her name following the cheating allegations.

If this latest picture is anything to go by, her man is in for a treat.

In the sexy snap she is wearing a sheer black underwear which exposes her nipples.

She has also donned a suspender belt and is clearly holding a pair of handcuffs.

It appears that he's forgiven his wife because the couple was spotted by the paparazzi in London last night. 

This is the first time that the couple was spotted out together since Natalie's secret meeting with Dan Osborne where he asked her to deny the threesome he had with her and Chloe Ayling. 

Natalie and Jacob may not be completely over the cheating scandal though. The couple kissed in the street. But we noticed that Jacob’s still not wearing his wedding ring - it's noticeably absent. 


Earlier in the week, Natalie shared a defiant photo with  Payne on Monday night and fumed on her Instagram stories: "Low life running ur mouth a** b***h... How are u so focused on what I'm doing sweetie ...

"Why don't u focus on picking ur son up from the door step you dropped him off so you could chase fame!"