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Rapper Nas has revealed that the late musical genius Prince, would not record with him because he did not own his masters.

"I sought him because he came to my I Am… release party," Nas told Drink Champs. "I pulled a N.O.R.E. move, I said, 'Yo, look, man, let's do this. Let's do this song.' And he was like, 'Do you own your masters?'

"But he blew my sh*t because I was like, 'I don't. And I'm far from it, 'cause I owe this label like four, five albums.' So I was like, 'Damn.'"

Prince then hit him up with some knowledge:

"He dropped a jewel, he kind of helped me see the future, and he was like, 'When you own your masters, give me a ring.' But we kicked it a few times. We got cool. He was seriously a very cool dude to me. He invited me onstage to perform.

"I think everybody wanted to work with him, so the pressure that he had from everybody… He turned Michael Jackson down! The pressure he had from people who wanted to work with him was crazy."

Watch the clip below.