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Nas Allegedly BEAT More Women . . . Kelis Wasn't The ONLY VICTIM!!! (Details)


Last month, Kelis did an interview with Jason Lee from the website Hollywood Unlocked. And in the interview, Kelis claimed that hr ex-husband Nas beat her.

During their interview Jason Lee asks 38 year old Kelis, “What was an intense low? What was the lowest point in your marriage?” Kelis responds:

It was really dark. Like, you know, there was a lot of drinking. There was a lot of, just, mental and physical abuse. And it just got to the point where, I think—for me, you know—God is so good because being pregnant, I think that I probably would have stayed longer had I not been pregnant.

Kelis told her story - and according to Kelis, Nas would put hands on her regularly. Kelis claimed that Nas left her face "beat up like Rihanna" in the infamous photo.

 (“I had bruises all over my body at that time,” she recalls.) “Seeing her, the way she looked, and then looking at myself, I was embarrassed. I was appalled.”

Well now Jason from Hollywood Unlocked has made some more startling claims. He suggests in his podcast - that there are "other women" that Nas allegedly beat.

Here's what Jason said:

There's some other things that Nas has allegedly done, that I'm waiting to get my hands on - and put out. And God Bless him when it does.

Because it's not the Nas that everyone has thought about.

According to online reports, the "other things" is more allegations of abuse from other women.