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Naomi Campbell Reportedly Sued Her Billionaire Ex-BF First!!

Last week it was revealed that supermodel Naomi Campbell was being sued for millions by her Vladislav Doronin -- but new reports say that Naomi actually sued him first.

Naomi filed papers in London in February and is currently in arbitration “to get some of her things back that are in his possession,” a source who told The Post. “She’s been asking for these things back for years, but they’ve had no recent conversation. And then he went and did this.”

Doronin then turned around and sued her, claiming that she has refused to return his personal property, which he valued at more than $3 million. He did not disclose what the items were. 

Paul M. O’Connor III, a partner at Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, which represents Doronin, spoke to The Post, telling them that “Unfortunately, despite our client’s best efforts that was not possible, and seeking resolution through the legal system is the only option remaining.”