Naomi Campell has revealed that sometimes she can go for days without eating.

The 49-year-old supermodel opened up about her eating habits while on U.K. talk show 'Lorraine.'

"I eat when I feel like it," she said. "I don't starve myself. If I want to do a day of just not eating, I do it and just do water or juice. Depends on how I feel."

She revealed that she tends to opt out of eating on hot days.

"In the heat, sometimes I don't [eat], I just want to do juice," she said. "It's too hot. [It's] never planned. It could be one day; it could be two days a week. It's just when I feel like it."

She also revealed that she does a 'Master Cleanse' about three times a year. The Lemonade Diet, also called the Master Cleanse, is a liquid-only diet consisting of three things: a lemonade-like beverage, salt-water drink, and herbal laxative tea.

"The most I've ever done it for is 18 days," she said of the cleanse. "It's good just to clean out your body once in a while."